Coed Varsity Soccer · Soccer Senior Night

Soccer Senior night was last night. At the end of the day they ended up losing 3 to 0 against Caston. Our seniors are Matt Crist, Hailey Sanders, Amber Watts, Mia Gardner, Sammy DePoy, and Tristan Lewis. The senior managers are Nikki Watts, Jaina Smith and Brandi Compton. Our seniors played their hearts out for their final home game of their last season. Matthew Crist played his first minutes of his final season last night after being eligible from recovering his second ACL injury. Despite Matt’s ACL’s he still is playing, and can not wait to play in the sectional game. He only played for 2 minutes last night but in those 2 minutes Matt had a really good throw in. Last night the seniors had a really good possession and were moving the ball down the field, but unfortunately they failed to score the point. The seniors have worked hard all year, and they came up short. They are training for sectionals and hoping to advance . Good luck to our seniors and soccer team next week!