Girls Varsity Track · Winamac Track Teams finish 2nd at Delphi Relays

  Place Points
Western High School 1st 120
Winamac Community High School 2nd 86
Delphi Community High School 3rd 70
Wheeler High School 4th 54
Faith Christian School 5th 20

The boys and girls track teams at Winamac teamed up to race in the Delphi relay meet. Each event in this meet consist of a team of 2 girls and 2 boys from the school. The kids had a great day with a 2nd place overall finish.

Competing for Winamac were:
6400m Relay – 3rd – Kelsey Wegner, Andrew Cardenas, Kate Collins, Kolbey Wegner
High Hurdle Relay – 3rd – Brenna Day, Cristian Cardenas, Destini Gould, Evan Eaton
Oracle Relay – 3rd – Chase Keller, Alexis Sheets, Jason Tankersley, Kate Collins
3126 Relay – 3rd – Kingsley Kroft, Sawyer Depoy, Bianca Huizar, Carson Bennett
400m Relay – 3rd – Brenna Day, Chase Keller, Maggie Smith, Sawyer Depoy
3200m Relay – 2nd – Ariana Gualajara, Carson Bennett, Kate Collins, Evan Eaton
Low Hurdle Relay – 2nd – Brenna Day, Jason Tankersley, Maggie Smith, John Malchow
800m Relay — 3rd – Alexis Sheets, Sawyer Depoy, Lauren Fredel, Shawn Pratt
Distance Medley Relay – 3rd – Kingsley Kroft, Carson Bennett, Kelsey Weger, Kolbey Wegner
1600m Relay – 3rd – Kingsley Kroft, John Malchow, Alexis Sheets, Chase Keller
2266m Relay – 1st – Bianca Huizar, Shawn Pratt, Ariana Gualajara, Evan Eaton
Sprint Medley Relay – 5th – Bianca Huizar, Sawyer Depoy, Alexis Sheets, Carson Bennett
Throwers Relay – 3rd – Ashlynn Jennings, Kyle Olds, Lily Bennett, Beau Brandt
Long Jump – 2nd – Kingsley Kroft, Bianca Huizar, Brayden Lynch, Shawn Pratt
High Jump – 1st – Maggie Smith, Kate Collins, Jason Tankersley, John Malchow
Pole Vault – 2nd – Brenna Day, Lauren Fredel, Jason Tankersley, Tyler Tankersley
Shot Put – 2nd – Jewel Conner, Ashlynn Jennings, Beau Brandt, Kyle Olds
Discus – 3rd – Lily Bennett, Ashlynn Jennings, Beau Brandt, Kyle Olds